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Talking about migration has always been a tricky issue. But no one expected a pandemic to strike on our lives and, with it, our ways of communicating. Due to coronavirus, we have been exposed to thousands if not tones of information 24/7. The rush of publishing how the virus spreads and what we should do to avoid it sometimes leads to misleading information or not-that-precise data.

Almost a year fighting COVID-19 is enough time to realize how bad ideas’ communication can affect the image of such a vulnerable group such as migrants, specifically refugees and asylum-seekers.

With the excuse of…

Facing a pandemic is a situation the majority of us thought it would be only part of a dystopia or a sci-fi movie. Unluckily, coronavirus is more tangible and pressing than any dystopian scenario. The good thing is that as the number of infected rose up, so it did technology. In fact, it has experienced an enormous boost.

Almost one year after the pandemic broke into our lives worldwide, we can see how we evolved as a society and how we started implementing new techniques to keep studying, working, ordering food, and, what it is more important: to stay healthy…

Plastimobile | Author: Micaela Lafratta

An astronaut, a lawyer or a cowboy. Those were my three career options when I was 7. Since then, I changed my mind several times about what I wanted to do when I grew up.

What I am passionate about? What I am capable of? What is my dream?

These questions came to my mind the most: feeling free to dream with whatever career I wanted. …

SB Espoir makes a visit to the House European History

You enter and you can feel the history that the walls whisper to you. Everything is shiny, exciting and new. All that is around, invite you to explore, to touch. You feel adventurous and ready to submerge yourself. Is not how all of us felt the first time that we visited a museum? We all have been in museums, not only once but dozens of times. When we were at school, we had the first encounter and later when studying at high school we had a better understanding of what we were observing. Even we have gone with friends. Just…

Micaela Lafratta Ramos

Journalist specialised in human rights

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